Has your locs ever started 'changing colors' ... on its own?

Oxidationa chemical process that takes place once the hair has been colored or if your natural hair possess a lot of oil when the sun or any form of uv light engages with it.

In my earlier stages of my loc journey, I use to get bothered at my hair color changing so fast. I wasn’t one to always sit in a salon. Therefore, I had to incorporate habits that’ll prevent me from going in for a touch up too soon.
I say sooner because this process is natural and I nor any other thing can control it from happening.

So, what did/ still do I do?
- I wrap my hair up in the shower, that way the heat doesn’t cause my color to fade quicker (hot water opens the cuticle).

- I hydrate and oil my crown on a regular to keep it full and fully compared to dry and shriveled up

- I rinse (on wash days) in cooler water temperatures to preserve my color.
Warmer water temperature will open my pores and all my color deposit to erase.

The only thing I do that I absolutely cannot control, and this is the main reason why oxidation takes place faster: is the sun. Oh! I am a sunbather! 

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