Hey you!

 My name Imauriah, Mauri for short.

I am a young boss from Dallas, Texas and my mission is to encourage those who have the kinkiest coils, sporadic fros, finest textures and especially those that hide from their natural roots that it is okay to ROCK THAT God given crown and showcase what it means to enjoy the authenticity of what their plant can grow with the right sauce to feed it.

I created a hair care line in 2020 called LOCSAUCE that is dedicated to growing, hydrating and restoring the natural kink on someone's head with the lochead community essentially in mind. 

Can you imagine walking into a beauty supply store and not knowing what to grab? Let alone grabbing something that doesn't work or worst, one that causes build up that can and will clog the pores on your scalp? Then overtime, cause wear and tear to your hair strands.

This process alone can be very discouraging and a hassle for some. 

Unfortunately, in today's time hair -- natural hair isn't 'necessarily required' and overtime, it has become easier to just cover it up with a wig or place braids on to just assure the 'look is giving'.

I want to change that narrative.

I want you to want to love your crown again and wear it so confidently knowing the next fro baby is admired by your beauty that they want to walk that walk too. 

 I have been a licensed cosmetologist for 5 years now, and prior to, I would do the hair of those around me and the 'growing part' of someone's hair always intrigued me. "How come this coil did this", or "how come this kink is straighter over another's". Once I got to cosmetology school in 2017, I then discovered and accepted more! The different types of scalp disorders, all sorts of hair textures, why is there so many textures? What could cause textures to switch up? What store bought products and even prescription can do to our textures and it made me wonder: can I create a line for all that is healthy and has a purpose built on restoration? 

 So I did.
With God on my side, and integrity as my will, I will continue to do so. 
Thank you so much for your support and desire to your crown.

My hope and prayer is that your plant falls in love with my sauce after first touch.