How to take care of your products!

Care instructions for each item in The LOCSAUCE Collection is simple! 
1. Store at room temperature and avoid dark and tight spaces to avoid hardening. 
i.e. LOCSAUCE Peel it Up Scalp Scrub: the scrub is hand made and requires moisture in the air. 

2. All products labeled 'shake well' are hand concocted and have a tendency to separate if stored in warmer areas. 

3. Applying oil to the palms of your hands for your normal routine maintenance is idea over spreading it over your scalp with the nozzle. Doing so will prevent buildup and excessive itching. 

4. Hot oil treatments are HARMLESS. Conduct them frequently. (read the back of the Nourishing Oil bottle) 

5. The Foam-N-Loc works best of a freshly hydrated canvas, and on a clean service. Remove all excess around the hairline before applying. 

6. All products have a life span of 1 year before needing to be discarded due to potency. 

7. All ingredients to every product is listed in each individual item's description bar.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns before or even after purchasing your sauce, please send in an email to with your full name and order number and a member of the team would be happy to assist!