Oh! Mr. Sun is surely your hair's bff!

I know I know, we all know: it’s hottttt 

BUTTTT! But, if I may — your body is a temple.
your crown is a plant.
even your fingernails are apart of nature’s process.

Hear me out, the sun is your hair’s friend 🌱 and believe it or not, they need one another in order to thrive. Again, I’m aware it’s hot, however! Give yourself 10-15 minutes a day after hydrating and oiling with your DUO Set to keep your hair fluffy — stay hydrated, get hot oil treatments regularly and continue to have a healthy balance. Honestly, once you get use to it, the benefits are so unmatched. 

Sunbathing is essential to your overall wellness. Here are a few things you can do on your own or with a friend to engage in daily activities that includes the sun! 

Walk the dogs.
Take longer to get the mail.
Walk up a heel.
Catch the sunset.
Be present.
Feel the shallow winds.
Hear the quiet noise.
and just breathe.

Trust me! I’m here with you <3

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