Let's hop on a ZOOM call?


Hi! My name is Imauriah, Mauri for short and I am a licensed cosmetologist that specializes in the wealth of natural hair and I am a dope loctician in the DFW area. My focus is solely on what it is that your scalp desires and what you need to feed it on a day to day to basis in order to witness true growth while encouraging you on how to enjoy the process.

I have met a ton of people in my career that have soooooo many questions pertaining to their hair, not just the generics of what social media suggests, and I love to listen and encourage you on what you can do to show your plant some love so it can grow properly and at a healthy rate.

PLANT = your fro, locs, beards, the kids hurrrrr, etc.

Please note, I am no doctor. I just see a lot of heads everyday: including my own and within these last 7 years as a hairstylist, I have helped so many people (1) figure out their hair and how to manage it (2) learn how to engage with their hair as the seasons begins to shift and (3) fall back in love with their hair.


and with me as your hair's bff, we cannot fail.
I dare you to faith around and find out what having consistency, a positive attitude and hopeful spirit looks like when it comes to your plant and may the sprouting begin after you say YES to progress.